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Vital Checks

Jean Arp, According to the Laws of Chance ,1933.

Throwing randomly hand cut paper pieces on a canvas.

A Bonset sound-poem, Passing troop, 1916

Dadaist Poetry,Expressing the story, the subject and the sound of the poem using layout, repetition, composition.

According to the principle of his work, LeWitt's wall drawings are usually executed by people other than the artist himself. By writing descriptions and steps for exciting his work of art he was able to spread it better.

My thesis project in my undergrad studies was Inspired by Dadaist movement,

Chance art and sol lewitt.

IF this THEN that is a tool i made for stimulating our creative mind. The digital interface displays an empty line of code and a blinking cursor that calls the user to type a word or phrase after the “IF”and receive a word or sentence after the "THEN". If ____ then ____ Is simple phrase creates a sense of liberation and infinity, created specially to understand that there is no single / clear answer or absolute idea on how to ignite our imagination. In my final project, I wanted to redefine my creative boundaries, relying only on the unknown, chance, non-sense information that we can create using simple algorithms.

Each object that were made using the IF THIS THEN THAT was made in a different visual communication medium, such as: Video, static images, light, sound, print and interactive.

One of my favourite projects that came out from this experiment, it is a book called vital checks

In vital Checks I created a series of 300 poems inspired by concrete poetry poem structure.

I followed sound-mans and artists who were making microphone checks and recorded the sessions that they were doing before their performances. Words like: CHECK / ONE / AYE / TEST / KNOCK / HEY / TZZZ were their language, they repeat them in so many different ways and structures. i loved it. After re-typing these recording i got beautiful raw material. I decided to write them as little poems, the way they were performed by the artists and sound-mans.

Examples of poems:

The juxtaposition of the mundane sound checks and the concrete poetry aesthetics brought the best of this small project, it became a legit poetry book.

I think about Jean-Arp interaction, he cut by hand pieces of papers and threw them on a canvas. these things became the art.

I think about Sol Lewitt interaction, he wrote instructions for people and made them sign a certificates and hoped that they will execute it well. the interaction in the chance that not everything would like the same. I think about IF this THEN that, you write a word, you get a word.

this simple "contracts" are very simple, strong and precise. The interaction is the story. the interaction is the message, it is the content itself.

Interaction: i want it to be a chance interaction, nothing that can be the same.

Drawing / Cutting / Writing / Kicking

Inspired by a performance by Lucinda Childs's Dance, with Philip Glass and Sol LeWitt Music. that i saw in jerusalem 2 years ago.

My first idea was to create a room with fabric that is connected to 2 ropes, because the circuit is closed there is a sound. i thought to give a user scissors and start cut this fabric. once the user will cut the fabric, the circuit will be open and if he/she want to hear once again music, they need to connect it to a new "positive+rope/negative-rope" in the room. the idea that something can produce more from it self sound like a very poetic experience of exploration and unknown places that the piece can go. Material wise it seems impossible and very expensive. it wouldn't allow me to test it fast. it seems like a lot of people were also concerned from the idea that they cannot go back - i actually like it a lot.

After Cutting - maybe it can look like this:

My second idea was to use the mechanism of a ROLY-POLY toy. I had these when i was young, i love their movement and the interaction with them. The actual push has an immediate impact, it is visible, noticeable and concrete. by inserting an accelerometer, touch sensor, even a camera with image detection i can trace the movement and start to play with the data.

I thought about the shapes, the possibilities, i drew these as a reference for a combination, it can be big or small, but i feel like it is more about the fragility and the composition. the base is always round but the upper part can be in any shape, maybe help define the movement.

here are some sketches i made to communicate the direction of the project:

Checking tutorials:

Tutorial: Gyroscope and Accelerometer (GY-521/MPU6050) with Arduino | UATS A&S #12

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