Text and Image Performance

text 1:

Over the years there have been changes In the type of threat the world was facing,

(cube is moving) and as a result, there were also changes in the security attitude to the home front. (cube is moving weirdly) + sound of tv in distant To this period, defending had always been oriented toward a specific purpose: the defense of a port, pass or valleys. (kids been vaccinated) These concrete blocks were, in fact, the last throw-offs of the history of frontiers

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Headline: an emergency without an emergency

Image sequence 1:

Video 1: Build your Own Shelter

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text 2 + Video 2: Israel civic defence

In Israel, It was Security and social considerations that have brought the centers of civil defense closer to the citizen. The shelter passed from the public space to the intermediate levels of semi-private spaces, and from there Into the apartment itself.

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Opera + robotic voices

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text 3 + graphic design going on the screen

The earliest defense site is the public shelter built by the district authority In an accessible public area - for example, the neighborhood garden.

An additional circle of protection was drawn around the common residence. This circle inserted the shelter of the common house as a common space between Private to the public.

Then the stairways enclosed a more inner protection circle encloses the floor tenants, followed by the "mamad" located inside the private apartment for the single tenant.

Text 4:

More than a million public and private shelters can be found throughout Israel and the occupied territories. This is why the attempt is so high to give them a normal look.


In the violent and forceful present, it is not surprising that the presence of the shelter is no different from those described in various series of horror films. The main filming site can be varied from the basement to a private room. The house is where you die. This is where your body is being cut into pieces. This is where you are attacked.

Big and thick heavy walls, sealed windows, air-vent and no eco will protect and intensify the bond we have with the hyper-necessity for feeling safe. Protect yourself until you can no longer.

We need someone honest to show us how to wake up. The practice of awakening is a complicated thing, and it must be accompanied with great gentleness - not to help us look away from the threatening gaze in the mirror, but to help us look at it bravely, without contempt and arrogant and simplistic human hatred.

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