is this ASTROID is dangerous?

This week was up and Down, there were times where I felt like I completely understand everything and that It felt like hitting a wall. I wanted to do so many things but my hands were tied to what I know to do, and if felt too little, but I forgave my self and try to make the best out of it.

I started with searching in the NASA data archive what kind of data I want to work with, I choose NEW BROWSe which had a good documentation and also an intersting JSON sheet. it had information about aroids that are orbiting around earth.

small typo that made my life hell for like 3 hours!


1/ I really enjoy working with the style/css, this time I had to assign the style from java script, but it felt good to design while code.

2/ I started to work in ATOM

3/ I know how to host locally the project I am currently working on

4/ I know how to find the information I want from a JSON file

5/ understood the power of the iNSPECTOR tool! :)

6 / know how to work with Dom elements, creating them and use CALL BACKS properly.


1 / how to assign a shape to every item in an array

2 / control better array's

3 / had to write my code so many times, I should write slower. because I had a lotof small spelling mistakes.

4 / need to work better with classes, I know that the answer for the array is somewhere there... between making a class and assigning in setup a for loop.

this is a documentation of my sketch:

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