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Html/DOM/CSS ..

It took me a while to understand everything, actually 2 weeks in order to apply everything that we learned about css and html, i didn't understand fully the parent and child other use cases... other than finding the right order.

it was just fun in term of applying different styles using html and css. i finally understood a lot of the things that i was playing around with as a graphic designer. the order of things, how they are written, why sometime i couldn't change something... most of the times it was because of the fact that some of them were written in css and some in the javascript code.

i did see a lot of people doing animation in css, is this a good practice?

as far as for my website, i just wanted to make something useful fo this very hards week, so it is just a wish-writer website... where you wish for something and then it keep on asking from you to wish for more things, and than you realize, that you first wish was probably not that big or important, puts everything in proportions :)

the code -

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