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Updated: Feb 13, 2019

After focusing on my first Idea, I started to think more about a good plan for this project.

History and references:

The roly-poly is a round-bottomed toy, usually egg-shaped, that tends to right itself when pushed at an angle, and does this in seeming contradiction to the force of gravity. The toy is typically hollow with a weight inside the bottom hemisphere. The placement of this weight is such that the toy has a center of mass below the center of the hemisphere, so that any tilting raises the center of mass. When such a toy is pushed over, it wobbles for a few moments while it seeks the upright orientation, which has an equilibrium at the minimum gravitational potential energy.

I really love the shape, the fact the you can hold it naturally in your hands, and also that it is relatively small compare to any other project that i did in the past.

I thought a lot about the bauhaus while modeling my first egg. (with a great help from Sid chou).

The basic half circle with another half circle that feels like someone is distorting that makes this object become so simple, not pretentious, with a lot of visual potential.

Dynamogene / MrCulbuto

Triadisches Ballett is a ballet developed by Oskar Schlemmer. it premiered in Stuttgart, on 30-31 September 1922, with music composed by Paul Hindemith, after formative performances dating back to 1916. Schlemmer, often describe this work as "party in form and colour".

Bauhaus dancers in Dance of Space, 1926

i want to gain this kind of composition using my moving eggs/shapes, maybe also aesthetics. so like a little ballet with eggs.

I started by 3d models a simple egg (with the help of Sid Chou).

The movement really surprised me, the egg can actually go from side to side for a longer time then expected. which gives me comfort to achieve a good musical outcome.

I'm still thinking what will be the best way to track the movement, i started with an accelerometer, it was easy to work with, but when i tried to put it inside the egg it become a lot more complicated. the egg didn't have a good balance with so many things in its hollow black part.

i might go back to this idea but it feel that for now, tracking.js will be a better solution and maybe Touch Designer will give me the best work flow.

Before going to learn from 0 TouchDesigner i thought to give it a try with tracking.js, web camera and tone.js. the code is working pretty smooth and giving me really good and stable values.

i'm going to continue with understanding better this 2 libraries that i've never used.

I want to project to be a lecture. i think that i want it to be in connection with my project development studio where i study the influence of an emergency without an emergency.

i read these days a lot about bunkers and shelters, about their aesthetics and history.

i love the idea that my research in the studio in the more visual aspect will be part of the musical instrument that i am about to create, i thought maybe my "eggs" can be from concrete, get inspiration from these beautiful brutalist building that i see right now.

i think that this lecture is for myself mainly and maybe for other people as well.

i want the "eggs" to be my words, a story. i want it to be a language.

i think that with these words i am going to create a visual language that will accompany the audio with visuals.

I think that anyone of my class mates would be able to watch me doing this and give feedback. just like hearing a story or a lecture. they can be audience.

Double Pendulum - another instruments

link to my Studio blog post

My music

A collection of reference audio clips:

Ryoji ikeda

Visual story telling

Alva Noto - A talk between a piano and the noise -

Avro part - tabula rasa (4 parts that repeat themselves but become more stronger every time, it is a story about the blank canvas of the artist, starting everytime.

Ohad fishof - A Lecture on Architecture is set as a poetic junction

connecting sound, architecture and science fiction

Sans Soleil - Chris Marker

I think that in regard of what sound it is going to be. i need to first found the right visual and then start to understand how to generate the story for the sound. the language of the sound. i know that i can fall easily to a very experimental sound but i think i want something that will be derived from the content, will be so specific that it will make sense to put them together in this juxtaposition lecture.

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