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001: Sculptures

Updated: Sep 12, 2019

3 sculptures made with different techniques/

Donna Summer - I feel love

- Maxmsp 3 patches

- Video projection through acetate paper

- Video Editing of documentation material in premier

Donna Summer epic voice with the genius editing of Georgio Moridor will always be my favorite disco-electronic-pop-fever song. I feel and hear everything i love about singing and synthesis. Every loop feels like it's a new loop that bring another layer of complexity to the song while in fact, we hear the same thing with a higher tempo or different flavor to the same instruments.

I tried to do the same thing for this Visual Piece, working with 3 visual instruments that i created in maxmsp i tried to edit them each them differently so it will go with the same impression that i have about this song.

Papa Got a brand new bag - GIF

I'm actually biased to one visual about this song that stuck in my head.

The singer performance. i tried to create a loop animation that will give him a a stage to move his feets even faster.

3/ Stevie Wonder - Don't you worry about a thing

Physical Object.

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