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Hedwig and the Angry Inch

Hedwig and the Angry Inch is about the search for wholeness.

Hedwig and the Angry Inch is about finding love and overcoming expectations.

Hedwig and the Angry Inch is rock-opera center around Hedwig, a transgender woman, who immigrates from east berlin to the united state after undergoing a surgical operation which fails.

By telling us her story full of disappointments and struggles with society and self, Hedwig can make peace with her path and empower herself to continue in becoming Hedwig.

Physical World


We're in the present, Hedwig is the star of a one night concert: Hedwig and the Angry Inch. The Angry Inch is her band, and Itzhak is her young loverboy-band member.

We are somewhere in between a stage theater and a window to Hedwig memories (Berlin, Surgery-room, New resident in the USA, crossdresser). The base of the time in the play is Hedwig memories.

Hedwig and Itzhak are the only characters on stage, switching between identities, telling all the parts of past stories by themselves.


Celebrating the possibilities of colors by knowing that when putting everything together, you get that black, dark feeling from the inside.

Neon and metal for the crypto homo rockers and the operation room

Blond/Red for the ultimate American woman and sugar (candies)

Cold and grey - Incomplete, shattered Concrete (Berlin wall).

There are a lot of textures (the wigs: artificial hairs, makeup, plastic candy wraps, neon lights from the operation room) and smells(french fries, leftovers in the over, under the hood of a car-gasoline) that Hedwig is describing. It should come out in the climate.

Nothing is a whole of an object. Everything has a loose part in it, made of Patches just like Hedwig.


I don't hear the Rock concert; I hear the backstage and the aftershock of every big performance, the buzzing in the ears.

A piece of music that was written in Hedwig's head for so long but never sang before.


Sarcasm performed as a glamorous moment.

Excitement to show other the story that she never told anyone with some anger and Disappointment.

Social World

As far as what we see, this is all Hedwig side of the story; it is her show, prime time of her memories. She is changing her customs, every time portraying a different side of her conflicted Identity.

The main characters are the people that let down or made Hedwig become who she is: her mother (portrayed by her), Tommy her Ex, Luther (By Itzhak), One of her characters (As herself) and so on.

The only person that she had real interaction is Itzhak. All the lovers that Hedwig had left her because of things she couldn't accept about herself; the angry inch, the drag persona, and the lousy operation that went wrong.


The Entire play is the change that Hedwig is going through.

Anger turns to empathy; Envy turns unnecessary; the notion of the self becomes stronger and capable of everything. Her understanding that she only needs to look at herself to fill fulfillment and wholeness.

I thought a log about this image from David Bowie - Glass Spider Tour in 1987

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