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John Talabot - fin / Tour Poster

I first listened to John Talabot, Barcelona based DJ, producer, and composer in 2014. His first Album Fin (2012) is a combination of some of my favorite genres. The approach to Dance music is what I love the most about this album. It is a tribute to slow motion, stretched colors, and jungle-tropical sounds.

The temperature of the album is this warmth breeze mixed with the salty sea air that turns to be very sweet and pop-ish.

For a long time, Fin (2012) was my favorite album. It draws (with music only) my favorite state of mind. A Monster that has two heads: A combination of strength (control) with some hallucination. A dream, full of colors that stuck in one spot. Hovering.


Typography: Tiempos (Klim Type Foundry) and Akzidenz-Grotesk (Berthold Type Foundry)

Tiempos was an optimization of an older typeface for a Spanish newspaper. Talabot is from Barcelona; I thought that it would be the best typeface to give this flavor of Spanish Latin letter. It (Tiempos) is heavily influenced by times new roman and has large proportions with high contrast color.

Akzidenz-Grotesk is sans-serif typeface, used mainly for commercial use, by so, its beeing called often a typeface for the "general purpose".It is very simple; one can say Neutral and quickly can become "good collaborator" when using multiple typefaces.

The combination of the two created the flavor I have for this album. It is moving between general universal understanding of dance music into this "news like" snippets, broadcasting this essay that only john talbot could write.


Image: The addition of the flying man from the open British library archive came toward the end. I knew I wanted someone flying, and I wanted a monster. It seemed I need to find a combination of a God-like or an image of an ancient man-god-like. This beautiful illustration is from page 233 of 'The Star of the Sea: a historical novel".


Content: A long time ago, one of the professors told me that I need to be happy whenever I have a lot of content. Taking out would always be easy, but inventing new will be hard.

As a student, it seemed very intimidating to find solution and place for every aspect of an event, concert or conference. Later, I learned that without all the components that we recognize as ingredients that validate the poster - we couldn't do it.

We all know, when we see a poster for a real concert it has all the components of: time, year, cities, sponserships etc...

I followed John Talabot usual amount of content and edited it to be in the middle east. where i am from :)

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