Updated: Oct 17, 2018

This week was very fun, the combination of icm and p-comp really made me see so many new possibilities and inspiration for future projects.

I started with following with what we learned in class, CLASSES.

i experimented with rotation, that was hard to get around, because of the constant movement.

I didn't like the Aesthetics and i could find why i have a really big break between each lines group.

later i understood while talking with Eva that i simply need to add an if statement in my function move in order to have the lines coming back.

Later i did a lot transparency combination of shapes that are moving, it was following pretty much the example that we did with the bubbles, but i really wanted to create a pattern. a moving pattern. it took me awhile to understand how to the write the pattern (like a chess board) in an array and class logic. so i started experimenting with mouseX and mouseY

There was something very natural in the movement but it felt really static + i wanted something physical that will control the motion of it and it wanted to have constant movment.

So i connected to a potentiometer to my arduino and i wanted to have something more musical, maybe something like a siren (which i hate and terrified by the sound of it).

Later, with the graphics that i had, going back and forth with the potentiometer to find a nice composition, i created a poster, a cover using the material i have created in this. i had a lot of fun doing this assignment. i do wonder how to get more layers in P5, more textures, less flat-graphic world.

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