001: How Computation Applies to Me

Updated: Sep 10, 2018

As a graphic designer I often feel like a Magician. Usually, I will receive a specific content, Costumer brief and a dead line. With some intuition, respect for the content and modesty I need to make the magic work. I need to preform the trick that will make the work seem effortless and accurate. There are only few seconds where someone would like it or not. This show, this stage, the audience, the applause, the disappointments are things that I would like to share with a machine by coding.

Ive never wrote code by myself, in my undergraduate final project I created a website that allowed you to enter a specific word into a sentence:

if __(the user type something and press enter)__

than __( a random word from an archive that I create would appear)__.

Examples for sentences:

If blue than typography

If short-term than expand

i tried it today >>>

These random sentences that i created together with the computer were my starting point to create a lot of different objects and projects. These random sentences showed me new connections, new juxtapositions. Sometime they made me doubt the computer and its ability to stimulate my creativity but in the end it seemed to be more efficient then to sit and stare at a wall and dwell in my creative block.

I would like to explore the possibilities of creating random experiences using code or breaking codes in order to create new fictional ascetics and be able to mix and match all the things that design programs have sealed so good in order to create access to chaos and unsecured places of creativity.

A few of my Inspirations:

Rafaël Rozendaal is a Dutch-Brazilian visual artist who “uses the internet as his canvas.” He’s best known for his small websites, but also creates drawings, installations, tapestries, haiku, lectures on a variety of subjects.

Sputniko - Combination of creative thinking, music and just things (no code)

Patpatpat - Combination of Graphic, music, Interaction and code

Video clip made by Studio Moniker a Few years ago

Video clip LCD Soundsystem - Dance Tonite is an ever-changing VR collaboration (amazing)

Design(human)Design - design(human)design is a tool that builds on insights about the design process inspired by research carried out at IDEO Cambridge. The idea is that there are a few design "variables" that designers play with, and that they often like to provoke their creativity with "random but purposeful" inspirations—which present the designer with a random selection of design variables to act as a "structured serendipitous" creative prompt.

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