003: Interface

Updated: Sep 25, 2018

This week on ICM, I found it much easier to work on something that inspired me to do things that I've wanted to do for a long time. have fun and use the graphic design tools that I've gained together with coding. that really brought the best of me.

I still find it very hard to write everything from scratch by myself, I have to look a lot on references, take bits and parts of things that we already did and change them. I would like to be able to write more by myself.

I was working with Topher, and we came up with this great idea to create a face that will be controlled by buttons and sliders. creating animation or changes on the face. each on of us took 2 parts and worked on his code. we got the chance to sit together and comment to each other, and see the way each one of us is writing or thinking about the way to "solve" a problem.

At first, I created the parts separately and then combined them to 1 code.

I started with the mouth and the slider. it was really meditating just to watch it and play with it, like magic.

After I understood better the moment of the line according to mouseX and mouseY, I continued to create the slider, I still find it extremely hard to write it all by myself but I do understand the logic and the way to use it and manipulate it according to my needs.

Understand the slider and making it do what I want it to do was very satistfying

later when I put the slider on the real canvas I wasn't sure if mouseX was the right thing to map, because It wasn't giving me the range that will make the mouth move the way I wanted.

After this was done, I send to Topher my part in the interface and I can't wait to receive it back with his additions. this is how it looks for now...

In the mean while I had so much fun that I Created my own generic letter maker, I was inspired by all the buttons and the sliders and that flat design look.

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