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My grandparents Lion

This week started with some experiments with DC motors, I really wanted to know how it feels to Have something rotation 360 and all the time. At first, I tried doing something with a potentiometer and a dc motor, I had to use for the first time a transistor and it was a great session in term of Understand the 3 entries: base, emitter and collector. I came up with a surface that has a servo motor in the middle of it, it in the same height as the cardboard, so everything that I put on top of the surface floated around.

I tried to come up with ideas for this project but I couldn’t find an idea that was meaningful for me.

That took me a lot of time but it was a great week figuring out what it is exactly so attractive in p-comp for me, what kind of projects makes me “feel” or “experience” with things? What kind of materials i want to us? etc..

I was missing something crucial in my ideas, it was that element of "magic", what is the way to "lure" people to come and use whatever i was making? and what is it that i want to make with all these crazy sensors that i really like to use and have fun with. it made me think about my grandparents house, they had a lion in the entrance of the house, a dead lion that had his mouth open (it was huge), every family dinner my grandpa would offer me all the candies in the world if i would put my hand in the lion mouth, the only time i said yes, both him and my uncle made a very loud noise, i got so scary and cried for a long time.

That made me think about what my grandpa was asking from me to do, and why i couldn't do it for a long time? he was asking me to lose control, take over by enter entity, the visual was a big lion screaming while it was a dead sculpture of a lion screaming, that tricked my mind so badly that i couldn't see any other reality.

I used some plaster and body parts of me and Erez, and started making some holes of body parts or just combination of things that i can ask from people to interact with. i thought that was a great starting point for me to establish curiosity and also create a great surface to interact, once i have them in my casts, i can do whatever i want.

The final result >>

After understanding what kind of body parts will be more inviting because you can actually understand what is it that you need to put. i really like the idea of a bowling ball pattern for the hands on the something that has a circular surface but isn't a bowling ball.

I am going to wire a sensor and make an interaction. something satisfying for both me and whoever that is gonna trust me.

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