Lab #2 + Scene making

Lab #2: Documentation

For our second lab for motion capturing. 

We capture skeleton motion using the full bodysuit in four steps:

step 1 / Suits

Choose the size for pants and vest. Both should fit best to your body so the markers will be the closest to your body. Make sure to Tuck the shirt inside the pants. Each model should also wear two gloves and two slippers for the shoes. (The model should leave his shoes on, not comfortable with sock).

2. / We’ve used 37 markers for each skeleton body. Following the markers showing on motive interface, we placed each marker on the suit.

- search for the bones and make sure to put it next to these. 

- ask from the model to show you where his bones are if you don’t feel uncomfortable touching your self

- the markers on the legs should not be symmetrical so the computer can distinguish between right and left.

One after the other, we called the models to create the actual skeleton bodies. 

The model should stand in the middle of the area (usually where the X is marked)

Pose a T with the body. Only when 37 markers are showing up on the screen - we created the skeleton body.

3. / We gave it a name and a color. So it will show up nicely in the motive interface.

Ask from your models to leave the room, so the next model would be capture without any markers slipping from the other suit.

When all bodies are in the system, all models can come inside the room. 

4. / The calibration dance:

Dance for 3-4 minutes, waving both arms and legs, to make sure that the data is clean and well captures. 

After the calibration dance, we opened Unreal. 

We assigned for each character the name of the skeleton body we created, and we were set to go and have fun. We also created a rigid body to be our camera.

We created a rig for our camera, so it will be easier to move around. Didn't work as good as i thought it will be. i really missed the view finder. I had to look all the time on the screen or the projector and it kind of got me out of focus.

Working with the camera and the bodies was a lot of fun.

We tried a bunch of props to make it look like the models were walking on air, or dancing in the sky or just fighting. 

The best part happened when we started to break the bodies; at first, we took out only one hand. But, when we took all the markers in the lower body - we got this flying-sitting position that was hilarious.

After when we started to take all the markers, I even got this crazy beautiful flickering moments in Unreal because the markers were all over.This is great for VJ.

unReal - Creating a Scene

to being with, it took me 2 days to wrap my around an idea. Every time i opened unReal i felt overwhelmed by the white canvas and the options that it has to offer.

I went back to read Elinor Fuchs - Visit to a Small Planet. (link) I find it very helpful to understand where to start when creating a world. what good questions we can ask ourselves?

Is it built or natural?

Is it soft or hard?

What time feels like in this place?

What is the season? why?

what makes all of these exist, what are the evidences?

These are 5 questions out of 90 that one can ask when creating a world.

I don't feel like i did the greatest work when it comes to give evidence, but i just went with my imagination. I thought to create an initiation ceremony for the people that are using unReal for the first time. How would it look like If i needed to enter this software through an experience and not an interface. I used materials from the free store of Epic Games.

And followed 2 intersting tutorials:

How to create a flickering light beam - link

How to make my scene Night time - link

How to use foliage for the grass and rocks - link

here are 3 Hero shots from my first unReal Composition

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