Flagstaff #2

Updated: Sep 11, 2019

Our Goal:

Last Documentation:

Schedule for the next 2 weeks:


1 / Making our device working without being connected to a computer. working with wifi and batteries.

2 / Open source code, DIY manual for every person around the world to build these in order to create dialogue.

Code and Tech improvement:

Implementation of IR BEAM SENSOR

They work by having an emitter side that sends out a beam of human-invisible IR light, then a receiver across the way which is sensitive to that same light. When something passes between the two, and it's not transparent to IR, then the 'beam is broken' and the receiver will let you know.

Our goal is to create 2 points of calibration for the code to work more smoothly without interruptions in terms of:

- skipping steps

- material get jammed in the pulleys.

- calibration for every event.

We're hopping to put 2 of these in each side of a flag pole to have 2 points of calibration.


Changing our gold ball to a proper clean acrylic sphere which we will spray paint to gold.

Fabrics for the flag: in class presentation of samples were considering.

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