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Artifacts of sequences / Cornell Box

Artifacts of consequences is about Setting priorities for the future of humanity.

Criticizing our struggle to curate our shared history and pass it on to the next generation, Set in a futuristic dystopian world.

The story takes place is an underwater bunker where two matriarchs are in a constant back and forth over the systemization and importance of the natural process of a culture choosing its icons in a setting where scarce resources require the euthanization of people to keep the world from starving. Meanwhile, the younger generation is dealing with the basic questions of adolescents, self, love, sex and ultimately facing the nasty truth of a dog eat dog reality.

Fusch Exercise:


The natural landscape is filled with once green, now grey weeds.

We're in the midst of the worst summer heatwave our planet has experienced. The Temperature is around 45-51 celsius. No get a chance outside without swimming from time to time in the freezing Atlantic ocean water. Not a lot of people are walking out; if you do see someone, they will be covered head to toes to avoid sunburns.

Everything has a grey wash. There are red flags all over, people trying to mark once significant places for them. You can see that different materials are becoming flags.


Cold. Under freezing water. Moist. The smell of latex is everywhere and some Clorox. Lots of felt patches to absorb whatever comes inside. We only know how the entrance must feel like and the archival area, so I imagine the dust but also a very tidy environment. The grid is just a mask for the mess that is happening.The door entrance is like the opening valve; it has this tension point when you put your teeth is, you can get air in.

We are around Malibu, Los Angeles. Everyone doesn't have access to any means of before-the-heatwave communication. We are definitely in between the sea and the shore. The heat dragged all people as close as possible to the seashore. The majority of the survivors from this massive heat attack are moving on the shoreline.

Time standstill, there is no night. The sun has taken over the sky. The moon lost all its power to the extreme heat. If you can find a place that will produce darkness for you, you basically would be able to sleep.

Clocks stopped to function because there is no energy to operate them, and even the older days sand watch is no longer available.Because of the heat, people are blacking out often. A lot of anxiety and tension is created between people. No one knows when and where they are going to wake up and who to trust.

Since the army and governmental offices moved to the shore once the emergency started to happen, much of the equipment of the military was open to the people. Every person carries 1-2 guns of many kinds and ammunition.

I imagine the voice of everyone deficient and slow; i read the play speedy but after thinking about my emotions. I could only think about a very slow-motion atmosphere. No one can scream that loud; no one has enough power to cry out tears.

The people are mixed since it is all about survival and building communities. We are looking at the elite of the people that survived. The ones that still see themselves responsible or with some resources to try and maintain before the heat-culture and people alive.

There is no trust. it comes and go, and it can only last for minutes. Everyone always checks what is behind their back. What is touching them?

First picture - the opening valve is still open

Center picture - dirty felt, grid, discipline, loosening the latex a little bit

Last picture - Latex closing on you slowly, even the floater can get out of it. The markers on the shore are starting to become less noticeable.

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