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Updated: Sep 12, 2019

This is my first time Setting up a Host. I choose to do it with DigitalOcean, Very friendly User interface and relatively easy to set up.

What is a Host?

A host is a computer or maybe in the case of DigitalOcean another device that communicates with other hosts on a network. The host will send and receive data, services and application between clients and servers.

The steps to set up a host in DigitalOcean:

1. Choose an image. 2. Choose the size of the droplet (VPS, virtual private server) - determines RAM, disk space, CPU > price.

Block storage - insuring your system robust.

keeping data and operating system separate.

3. Select datacenter region.

4. choose an SSH(secure shell) key or create a password.

Public and Private keys.

5. Name it.

and click Create.

There are few more things that can be determined but i started with the DigitalOcean standard recommendation.

Thoughts about the Book: Linked

Linked begins with an introduction to a permanent and dominated subject in our lives: Networks. It's not just in references to the Internet. Barbosa is pealing layer by layer the ways that we can recognize some of the networks that we are surrounded by and sometimes take part. The Chapters reveals ideas about our social engagement. The way information can pass between us in the shortest route possible to the longest.

I grew up in a small county. The feeling of familiarity is inherent in the behavior of people to one another, even if they are strangers. Most people assume beforehand that it will take them a minute or two to "crack" the connection. It often seems like a game that everyone likes to play. What I find interesting are the questions in this game-like situation:

From where are you?Age? Highschool?What did you do in the army?

Usually, you will find a connection with great satisfaction - you "cracked" the hidden system.

This familiarity can bring comfort and ease-up the nervousness of meeting a stranger. However, It can be deceiving; some people will find themselves "too" comfortable, forgetting very fast that they just met this person.

I find it fascinating that under my legs, and above my head, there is an infinite amount of invisible connection that formulates so many opportunities for communication.

I find randomness as an essential part of my life. The best moments from my social experiences consist of arbitrary-random actions that created unexpected collaborations.

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