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The inspiration behind this idea comes from crossbody bags that had a very clear mission to provide people bags that could be worn ‘hands free’.

We carry many accessories using our bodies, we cover our bodies with layers of cloths that become part of our body as the day goes on.

It seemed like a great idea would be to try and give the flash light a better spot in our daily appearance, make it a proper accessory, something that can define you, make you feel safe, make you express yourself or just add another layer to your figure.

A flashlight often associate with handy/practical approach. A tool that people need or must have. and there are great flashlight our there for this kind of needs. i tried to find a different approach toward light.

I started with the circuit, finding the right light source was a big deal, i knew that my light source would be a bit big, so trying to solder 20 LEDS wasn't something that i wanted to jump in.

but LED were good solution in term of space. my light couldn't be thicker than 4-5 cm. i wanted it to be very light (haha) and thin, merge into your body. Since i wanted it to be round, like a medal, plate or just like the moon.

I liked that painting with the guy caring it on his shoulder.

So i found a baking pan that had a nice glossy finish and was the right depth that i wanted to work with + it was very cheap. after trying to put the LEDS in and put my diffuser on, i realized that i need more depth so the LEDS shape would disappear and the light would be spread evenly.

so i laser cut 4 rings from a thin wood to get a nice finish with the black pan that i had.

once the 4 of them were mounth, i let it dry for a night and came back in the morning to sand it.

I cut my diffuser in a way that it would be easy to lift up if i will have a problem. mount them all together once i knew that it was working properly. my on and off knob is kind of shady, but it will find a way later on to make it more robust.

After making sure it was working, I asked from a classmate of mine to come and model and use it, i learned just by watching him interact with it, but i also really liked the outcome.

Model: S.J. Zhang

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