5 times!

this week was hard, I started from searching for some inspiration. and i came across an old reference that i was wondering what else can be done. RAZZLE DAZZLE battle ships that used to paint their bottom in crazy black and white patterns so they will be unrecognised by the enemy.

i looked at the technical drawing that the artists had created from them.

and i really wanted to create an element to put on corners of walls, because these are spaces that we usually take for granted and never decorate or use.

so i created a corner decoration with razzle dazzle pattern to "HIDE CORNERS".

first i cut 5 of each shape and them glued them together. and after started to sand them.

I had hard time with the finish of these, apparently i choose the wrong wood to work with, one that wasn't smooth enough and i cut them in the jigsaw.

then, sprayed primer on them. and used some filling materials to fill places that were cracked.

After that, i had all my wood marked for paint. i used tape to create grid and be bale to paint in lines. i had to paint each layer at list 3 times to get a good solid color. mixing the white and black to get a variety of greys was fun.

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