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This assignments was very trick for me, my thinking process included one big question: WHY. I had million of options and ideas but non of them gave me an answer for the WHY.

Why a glove should light a LED?

Why 2 connected puzzle pieces would make SOUND?

It seemed like I had no good answers, non of these objects needed a sensor.

But than I realized that my answer is a combination of different approaches to design and interactivity:

1 / I want it to be an aesthetic - I want someone to desire it, or maybe touch it

2 / I want it to be usable, reachable but Not too much, I don’t want it to show all the answers at once, I wanted TIME!, I wanted it to last longer than a second, maybe even more than a week.

3 / wanted it to create an emotional journey that will include : Success / curiosity / failure / satisfaction / joyfulness ..

This 3 acknowledgments guided me to create an experience that would make sense within itself, i had to make sure that all the components would have a good relations to each other. for example:

If a hand is using it - i should think about the size and the material

If its need to be rotated - think about good material

If the light need to be seen - think about what kind of light, where the light

If you need to move it and have some sort of feedback - make the material inside behave in a way that one would be able to feel the mechanism, etc..

I am very happy from the outcome, I had to think a lot, which I like. I had to solder for the first time, which turned out to be fun. I've done some laser cutting and had to find conductive materials, this assignments made me feel more comfortable in the very basic electricity circuits that we talked about.

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